Announcing the Children's Business Fair on June 16 at Pinewood Forest


Fayetteville, GA. – May 4 —Join us Saturday, June 16, 2018, from 10am-2pm for the Acton Children's Business Fair where young entrepreneurs showcase their business ventures. Hosted by The Forest School: An Acton Academy, the Acton Children's Business Fair is one of the largest entrepreneurship events for children in North America, and the morning-long fair gives children the opportunity to introduce their businesses.

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The Children's Business Fair is hosted during Pinewood Forest’s market days located at 290 Heatherden Avenue, in beautiful Fayetteville, Georgia.  Children ages 6 to 14 are invited to create a product or service and sell to customers at our market from 10am-1pm.  We will have a host of business owners and community partners to act as judges with prizes presented to the best businesses by age and category.

Originally started in Austin, Texas, the Acton Children's Business Fair has grown to cities including Chicago, Phoenix, Grand Rapids, Dallas, Los Angeles, and now in beautiful Pinewood Forest, Fayetteville, Georgia.

Children can apply to participate at the Acton Children’s Business Fair on June 16 by following this link.

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About The Forest School

The Forest School at Pinewood Forest, An Acton Academy is a 21st-century micro-school with learner-driven technology, Socratic discussions, hands-on projects, and real-world apprenticeships in a character-forging community. Scholars enrolled for the 2018-2019 school year will learn and practice entrepreneurship over an even longer time span.

At The Forest School, children are trusted and empowered to be responsible for their own learning, and to use their learning to change the world. Our learner-driven community puts children at the center of their learning, allowing them to create and maintain personal goals, relational covenants, and real-world meaningful work.

Learners at The Forest School learn together in mixed-age classrooms, bringing the classic one-room schoolhouse into the modern age. Kids learn to mentor and are mentored by one another. Guides—our term for teachers—are not lecturers, but facilitators of student growth. Learners and parents track learner growth on an online dashboard updated daily.

The Forest School will serve learners age 6-14 in year one, and ages 6-18 beginning Fall 2019.

Contact: Cindy Peters

290 Heatherden Avenue, Fayetteville, GA 30214


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