How to talk to your kids (or not?) about the Children's Business Fair


Today my 10 year old and I had a nice back-and-forth about whether he wanted to sign up for the Children's Business Fair we're hosting this June.

Of course I'd love for him to sign up for the fair! 

But more than we want him to sign up for the fair, my wife and I want him to become a self-directed learner. We want him to find his own purpose. And with regards to business, we want him to come into entrepreneurial acumen and preferences on his own. 

So, when my son and I texted today about registering for the fair, I *tried* to stay in Socratic mode. The Socratic method is a powerful way to stimulate critical thinking and draw out ideas and assumptions. Our Guides will take this approach at The Forest School. I took the Socratic approach with my son today so that hopefully he would have to think more deeply about business, and so that ultimately the decision to sign up for the fair (or not) would be his.

With his permission, I'm sharing some of the Q&A from our text messages. And I welcome your feedback as a parent / Guide: How'd I do? What would you have done differently? 


oswin text 1.png
oswin text 2.png
oswin text 3.png
oswin text 4.png
oswin text 5.png


(Mango is a dog if you're wondering).

Well...we'll see what happens.

I wonder if my son will decline the opportunity this year. Of course we'd love for him to jump in, but If he opts out, that'd be OK by us.

Either way, he'll definitely be at the fair to see the other kidpreneurs, which will be great exposure.

More than anything, I'm grateful to have had this kind of conversation with my son, at this age, and on his terms. 

But what do you think? What would you have done differently?  


Tyler Thigpen