PE Olympics


It’s time to Start Stretching…

Starting the first week of June, Coach Lou will be holding PE Olympics for the learners. We’ve got a school full of future Olympians among us!

Forest School parents are invited May 30 at 11am to see a demonstration of PE skills learned this year.

Here’s what’s in store for the final days of PE this year…

How does Coach Lou plan to form teams?

Team Captains will be selected by each Studio (3 middle and 3 elementary). The teams will then be selected at random by Team Captains by pulling names out of a hat.  

How will the skills be selected to make it fair to all learners?

Coach Lou has adjusted the skill set to accommodate all levels of learners. These skills have been worked on throughout the year. Learners have played several games along the way to help them grow in each skill area. The tasks should be challenging, but doable for all those who have been active participants in PE class.

How will the skills be scored?  Are there points to be earned? 

The skill challenges are not worth points, but instead, learners will earn a flag for each completed task. Team Work, Communication, & Effort is all that is needed to complete a task and earn a flag. (Sorry kids, no style points will be awarded.)

Will there be games or just Skill Challenges?

There will be three days of competition + there will be ‘The Great Lawn Gauntlet’. All will take place during PE Slots of regular school days. In those three days, one day will focus on Skill Challenges and the other two will be filled with Games (eg. soccer, four square, spot shots, kickball, etc.).

are parents invited?

Yes! On May 30 at 11am, learners will showcase their learning from PE this year. Any and all parents are welcome to come see them in action.

Our learners are excited and we can’t wait to see everyone show off how they’ve grown through PE this year with a little friendly competition!

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