Art Update January 2019


The Forest School

Art Update

January 2019

December 2018 In Review:

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In December the heroes were invited to create a holiday window display, as you might see in stores during the season. We talked briefly about why stores create engaging displays, and the role of a display designer...the heroes had the opportunity to create a display that both represented the school and caused others to be curious about what (who) was inside…

Heroes painted branches from the forest...together

Heroes designed a paper bag snowflake...individually

Heroes had thoughtful discussion about a gift (that does not cost any money) that they could give to those around them over the break. Words like compassion, love, trust, and smile filled the empty wall with inspiration.

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January 2019 Explorations: line and shape

This month heroes will make connections to line and shape through various mediums...including photography! Look out for the Hero’s Gallery in the art room!

**Did you know that The High Museum of Art offers FREE admission to families on the second Sunday of every month?**

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Tyler Thigpen