Parent-Owner Contract


As parents and/or caregivers at The Forest School: An Acton Academy...

  1. We long for our learner(s) to discover a calling that will change the world, as promised in The Forest School’s mission. We will allow our learner to fail early, cheaply, and as often as necessary without intervening, and in the event our learner struggles, we will refer to the Hero’s Journey for Parents note for counsel before reacting.

  2. We welcome The Forest School: Acton Academy as a self-paced environment where learners run the studios through the delegation of certain rights by owners and parents, with access to dozens of experts for instruction, allowing Guides to focus on an engaging set of challenges and questions.

  3. We will celebrate our learner's progress in earning Weekly Points, Badges, and 360 Peer Coaching Reviews according to a learning plan we create, and act if needed to: remove distractions like gaming, video, or social media; lessen resistance; or overcome feelings of victimhood so our learner can soar.

  4. Further, for our own Hero’s Journeys as parents:

    • We will remain lifelong learners and each will have an active learning project (such as a book or self-improvement project) at all times to discuss with our children.

    • Our family will develop and post a Family Plan by the first day of school and have Family Meetings at regularly scheduled intervals.

    • At least one of us will attend at least two of the three Parent Coffees each year where Socratic discussions will focus on our Hero’s Journey as parents.

    • We will bring our learner to campus before 8:30 am and understand that any learner who arrives late may not be able to participate in that morning’s activities.

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