Experts & Coaches

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The Forest School has expert mentors in dozens of fields. Get coached by a world-class athlete, pitch your screenplay to an award-winning screenwriter, or learn AI from an expert.

“External Experts” visit The Forest School every week to share their expertise, give feedback on learner-led projects, and build relationships with learners. These high performing professionals give real-world feedback to our learners—Eg, How feasible is this solution in the real world? How compelling is it? How sustainable?—so that learners can improve their solutions, experience real-world demands, and form relationships that can turn into apprenticeships.

Meeting these experts also helps our learners to grow their social capital—Ie, The practical help that emerges from trusting relationships—with professionals across multiple industries.

This year, these and other experts coached Forest School learners…

ed johnson.jpg

Mayor Ed Johnson

- Leadership

- Public Service

- Community Organizing

dk johnston.jpg

DK Johnston

- Screenwriting

- Film Production

- Film Making

Belle Doss

- Politics

- Operations

- Event Planning

DeAndre Wynn

- Media

- Information Technology

- Telecommunications

jahnee prince.jpg

Jahnee Prince

- Community Development

- Economic Development

- Municipal Policy


Wynn Everett

- Acting

- Film

_ Television

dana lynch.jpg

Dana Lynch

- Design

- Org Development

- Marketing

Carnellia Ajasin

- Entrepreneurship

- Innovation

- Coding

Bill Lynch

- Real Estate Development

- Asset Management

- Brokerage


Acelyn-Marie Abinsay

- Healthcare

- Industrial Engineering

- Quality Improvement

paul marchand.jpg

PauL "ReveaR" Marchand III

- Entertainment

- Vocal Production

- Song Writing

gemmie dayrit.jpg

Gemmie Dayrit

- Museum Design

- Exhibitions

- Retail Curation

Dr. Doug Lepelley

- Organizational Design

- Organizational Development

- Process Engineering

Jaquaye Banks

- Real Estate

- Screenwriting

- Youth Development

David Bull.png

Dr. David Bull

- Global Health

- Science Policy

- Infectious Disease