The Forest School
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What if the purpose of school is to

guide children to change the world?


Launching Fall 2018, The Forest School in Pinewood Forest—Fayetteville, GA—joins a growing network of Acton Academy Schools worldwide that are building on the success of the original Acton Academy in Austin, Texas.

Watch this video about how Acton is transforming education.


A School for the 21st Century

Let's teach for mastery—not test scores
Sal Khan

Bring on the learning revolution!
// Sir Ken Robinson

A virtual tour of Acton Academy
// Acton Academy, Austin, TX


Our Story

Joy and Tyler have seen how inspiring young people truly are. They have also seen how “school” too often gets in the way of kids finding their purpose and making an impact. 

As parents of four, Joy and Tyler can't overstate their excitement about the Acton model. Acton schools are empowering children to learn how to learn, calling them to a life of purpose, and inviting them to explore essential questions of "Who am I? Where am I going? How do my passions and talents connect with the world around me? How can I serve a great need and even change the world?"

In answering these questions themselves, Joy and Tyler saw the need for an authentic learner-driven school in their home state of Georgia. They created The Forest School as a place for children and families to explore these questions, learn together, and experience joy in the process.


Pinewood Forest  |  290 Heatherden Ave., Fayetteville, GA