Dream Teams

What if you had a team of people help you to set and reach your goals?

To get started, watch the video below or read this article by Tyler.

Now, take these steps to set up your Dream Team:

  1. Read this example Dream Team.

  2. Copy and paste this Dream Team template in your Google Drive.

  3. With the help of your parents, invite 5-10 people to join your Dream Team.

  4. Meet with your Dream Team once before August 1, 2019.

  5. Create and share (with Guides@theforest.school) a Google doc that answers these three questions about your in person Dream Team meeting: 1) What did you like about the meeting? 2) How can it be improved? 3) What did the meeting make you wonder?

  6. Invite your parents to post pictures of your Dream Team meeting in the Parents Private Facebook Page.