A Shark Tank for Middle Schoolers


To close out the school year, Middle School heroes (our term for students) are embarking on an Entrepreneurship Quest.

Over the next three weeks, learners will move a business idea through multiple stages of rapid prototyping, market research, and crafting a business pitch in the style of Shark Tank. The winning business pitch as judged by experts at the Exhibition will receive the first ever TFS Business Grant in the amount of $100, allowing heroes to build up their business in advance of the Children's Business Fair this summer.

Here are a few of the businesses our Middle Schoolers are launching…


Natural hair is very needy. It requires a lot of attention daily, and is always dry no matter what you try. Unless you try Melanubian. Melanubian is a hair care line for natural/damaged hair that consists of a few different items to improve your hair experience.

The Sustainary

Make-up that is made from all natural, environmentally friendly, and fair labor produced products. 10% of profits go to fighting child labor.

LP Pops

We all know that parents are always looking for healthy treats for their kids, and they can never seem to find anything. Well, finally there is something! With LP Pops, you can bring the tastiness of popsicles and all-natural ingredients together! I have made quite a lot of money from just four flavors! Now, with your help, I can make even more flavors and make even more families happy!

Holmes Cinnamon Roles

You've never had a cinnamon roll until you've had the Holmes' Recipe. The main difference is that I don't use frosting. The frosting takes away from the flavor of the overall roll. This is because when you frost a cinnamon roll, it adds sugar, density, and takes away the crispy texture, and adds a soft, creamy one.

Another difference is I use no preservatives or unnatural ingredients. Cinnabon uses tricalcium, xanthan, and carrageenan gums. I use pecans, sugar, flour, and natural ingredients. I think it's important that food uses real, natural ingredients. There's so much food out there that uses ingredients that have 12 syllables and are unneeded.

Tyler Thigpen