Needed: Funding for Medical Research (written by a Forest School learner)


The following medical funding pitch was written in Spring 2019 by one of our founding middle schoolers.

Medical Research Funding

by: Landon Noble

  • Pathos - Find a story of someone who suffers from this condition that you can share in your essay.

  • Logos - Develop some logical arguments for your position.

  • Ethos - Highlight the work being done by a current medical researcher to give credibility to your position.

My neighbor Mrs. Laurie found out that she had cancer about 2 years ago. She has gone through many treatments including chemotherapy. Her and her family are the kindest, most thoughtful and most caring family I have ever met. They are always giving families crafts they made, outdoor things, and even huge plants to grow in our yard.  She has gotten plenty of positive and negative results. My family and I just got news saying that this is supposed to be her last week and we should go say our goodbyes to her. The day we heard about the sad news, our family and i’m sure plenty others, were heartbroken. We knew she had cancer and how tough it’s been for her, but we never thought the day would come for us to say goodbye.

I think that brain cancer should be known by everyone and maybe introduce it to schools so kids can experience it. Brain cancer is sad to learn about because there are so many deaths and sadness around it but I feel if we research it and find something interesting, we may be able to do something about it. 1- There are 700,000 estimated people that are living with a brain tumor right now. 2- An estimated 16,830 people will die from malignant brain tumors (brain cancer) in 2019. 3- The average survival rate for all malignant brain tumor patients is only 35%. There needs to be some way to increase living span and maybe take out the tumor itself. If you invest in learning about Brain cancer and diseases that are similar t it, I promise you will never regret anything and we will possibly find something no one ever has. I hopefully can see something in such small detail that no one has taken the chance to look at.

The main cancer researchers that everyone refers to is the National Cancer Institute.As the nation's leading federal agency for cancer research, NCI has 30 divisions, offices, and centers who work together to build, maintain, and enhance a cohesive and comprehensive cancer research agenda. Their work ranges from cutting-edge research on cancer causes, treatment, and prevention; to training the next generation of cancer researchers; to funding and supporting the nation's vast network of scientists and cancer research institutions; to informing and educating the American public and the world about cancer. They have treated so many lives and The Cancer Clinical Research are doing a great job researching and treating and kinds of cancer. They are very experienced in what they do and they view cancer the same way I do.

National Cancer Institute

Sources: Clinical Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute

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