Thirteen apprenticeships undertaken by our middle schoolers this March 2019


At the Forest School our walls are “porous”—which means that learning happens both inside and outside of our walls.

Apprenticeships at The Forest School are an example of real-world learning that occurs both on- and off-campus. Heroes (our term for students) are challenged to seek an apprenticeship doing something they are interested in to help them on their way in finding a calling that will change the world. Learners are expected to complete an apprenticeship every year they are in the Middle School Studio.  

Guardrails for apprenticeships:

  • This is a Hero-led experience. It is ok for a Hero to ask a parent for contacts and connections, but all communication should come from the Hero.

  • This is a 40-hour apprenticeship. Heroes will be expected to complete their apprenticeships during the week of March 18-22, 2019. Heroes are free to split their hours between multiple apprenticeships if they so desire, but will be responsible for going through all of the steps (see below) for each one.

  • These are individual apprenticeships - no Hero can perform the same role at the same place at the same time as another learner. The reason is that this is an authentic work experience, and not a school project. Heroes must rely on what they themselves bring to these opportunities.

  • Heroes may explore additional apprenticeships throughout the year if: they are ahead on their badge plans or if they secure an apprenticeship over a break/summer.

In March 2019, our middle school learners tackled the following 13 apprenticeships for their Apprenticeship Quest:

Jason Ballantine

IT at Nelson

Andrew Tucciarone

Co-founder of Storyfirst Studios

Gabi Mooney

Director of Operations, Mass Collective

Suzanne Aaron

Pet Care Assistant, Animal Medical Clinic

Heidi Winter

Medical Missionary at Frontline Missions

Meredith Ferguson

Founder of Alo Farms

Carolyn Robinson

VP of Production, Pinewood Atlanta Studios

Alison Tringale

CEO of Kenna Group, USA

Scott Serburn

Championship Martial Arts, Peachtree City

Dr. Tyler Thigpen

Partner at Transcend

Kristi Taubert

Founder of Glamorama Beauty Shop

Blake Johnson

Ticketing/Sales for Atlanta Hawks

Bob Oberstar

Chief International Flight Dispatcher for Delta

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Tyler Thigpen