Art Update February 2019


The Forest School

Art Update

February 2019

making connections

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Elementary Studio

Over the past six weeks, we have been exploring ways we can use line and shape in the art we create. We learned about Henri Matisse, and his clever technique in making large gestural drawings with bamboo and charcoal.  We then experimented with a similar technique on the walls of the studio.

Heroes also made connections with line and shape by designing their own three-dimensional structures using magnatiles, marshmallows, toothpicks, and dowels. They are currently finishing up their collaborative project, a large scale paper-cut out collage, inspired once again by the work of Matisse.

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Middle School Studio

The focus on LINE and SHAPE for MS heroes involved two projects. One, a watercolor painting using converging lines to make a sunburst (or a “heart”burst for Valentine’s). Heroes were given a process to follow, but had freedom to choose the orientation, color, and how they would create visual interest in their work.  

The second project was a group exploration of a technique using yarn by installation artist Chiharu Shiota. Shiota’s innovative and larger-than-life creations inspired heroes to work together to construct their own installment (that is currently climbing up the far wall of the art room). Each hero has been working carefully and thoughtfully to contribute to the weblike form.

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**Did you know that The High Museum of Art offers FREE admission to families on the second Sunday of every month?**

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