The Board Has Named Co-Founders of The Forest School


After completing the first year in operation, The Forest School has released a list of names of those who helped get the school off the ground. The 21st Century micro-school school opened its doors in August 2018 in Pinewood Forest, and is a proud affiliate of the network of Acton Academies. The school also partners with educational non-profits, Transcend and MENTOR Georgia. On June 20, 2019, The Forest School Board named the following people Co-Founders of the school:


Dr. Tyler Thigpen Joy Thigpen

Board Members

Russ Kiefer Yvette Cook Darby

Learner parent(s)

Dimeji Ajasin Dapo & Carnellia Ajasin

Andrew Billings Eric & Anita Billings

Georgia Brown Zac & Shelly Brown

Joni Brown “

Justice Brown “

Lucy Brown “

Lake Brownlee Brent & Lauren Brownlee

Cicely Carter Vincent & Delia Carter

Lauren Coakley Barbara Coakley

Liam Henahan John & Lisa Henahan

Felicity Hoffman Gabe & Marci Hoffman

Karis Hoffman “

JJ Hoffman “

Josiah Hoffman “

Noah Holmes Bob & Kristin Holmes

Brooks Kiefer Russ & Kara Kiefer

Lydia Laughlin David & Mary Faith Laughlin

Ivy Rose LePelley Douglas & Kelly LePelley

Amisha Krishnappa Manoj & Pushpalatha Krishnappa

Damiani Matta Luis & Rosalinda Matta

Landon Noble Jeff & Tanya Noble

Kemery Oparah Chinenye & Kia Oparah

Wyatt Peters Michael & Cindy Peters

Malachi Rucker Endrell & Nikki Williams Rucker

Theodore Rychetnik Carolyn Robinson & Steve Rychetnik

Layla Singleton Ronald & Uchefuna Singleton 

Lily Singleton “

Brighton Smith Ben & Kelly Smith

Lilly Taubert Brian & Kristi Taubert

Linus Thigpen Tyler & Joy Thigpen

Oswin Thigpen “

River Thigpen “

Kenna Tringale Tony & Alison Tringale

Brooke Tringale “


Lisa Chatham

Amber Bryant

Caleb Collier

Sarah Farol

Amy Scoggins

Giorgiana Barbieri

Joan Thigpen

Mary Faith Laughlin


John Stephenson

Rob Parker

Stephanie Parker

Bill Lynch

Brett Baker

Frank Patterson

Dan Cathy

Jake Pitman

Zachary Herrmann

banner image via

Tyler Thigpen