Announcing our "Sharks" for our Entrepreneurship Quest Exhibition


We are thrilled to announce our “Sharks” for our Middle School Entrepreneurship Exhibition this Sunday, June 9, from 3:30-4:30pm at school.

These experienced entrepreneurs will spend quality time giving feedback to each of our middle school pitches to understand their proposed businesses, provide valuable feedback to our Exhibition audience, and ultimately help our audience choose the top prizes for investment.

Mimi Tin 2.jpg

Mimi Tin

Atlanta-based designer Mimi Tin, has been inventing and creating since the first day she picked up a pencil and a pair of scissors. Born in Burma during the rule of a military dictator, Mimi immigrated to the U.S. with her family in search of freedom, and found the freedom to use her imagination. As a young child, manufactured toys were not a luxury as she began her new life, so Mimi relied on her imagination and natural curiosity to discover her new environment. She began to transform ordinary paper towel rolls into doll furniture, colorful pieces of paper into one-of-a-kind dresses, and cardboard boxes into buildings and cities.

Mimi began her career as a multi-faceted graphic designer, and she has worked in all areas from Brand Identity creation to implementation. Her client roster is impressive and has included work with The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Airlines, Samsung Electronics, Sydney Olympic Games, Salt Lake City Olympic Games, Athens Olympic Games, Torino Olympic Games, Sony Corporation, Chick-fil-A, Johnson & Johnson, SPANX by Sara Blakely, and more. Mimi’s first company was Sushi Style, a whimsical, modern Collection of Furniture and Home Accessories designed to bring "Humor, Joy & Laughter" into everyday life. Mimi’s designs have been featured in Seventeen Magazine’s “Top 10 Back to School Products”, and reviewed in the TODAY Show, Architectural Digest, Jezebel Magazine, Times Free Press, 944 Magazine, Good Day Atlanta, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, and the The New York Times. Mimi volunteers with The City of Refuge, a faith based women and children’s shelter in Atlanta, and serves on the Board of Directors for Atlanta based non-profit, Children Helping Children (CHC).

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Johnny “JD” Daniel

JD is an Atlanta native and is a cornerstone in his community. As a child JD moved to McDonough, GA where he would make his mark on the world. After graduating from high school in 1998, he decided that his artistic ability could not go untapped. JD enrolled in barbering school and after becoming a master barber joined up with his good friend and went into business with him. Together, they opened Supremes Barber Shop in McDonough.

The consummate networker and philanthropist, he uses the Barbershop as a backdrop for a bigger purpose. Pouring into his community became JD’s life work. Supremes Barbershop hosts an annual back to school drive in partnership with Stockbridge Ele. as well as volunteering with Operation Lunchbox to provide school kids with sack lunches during weekends and breaks. JD is a staple in classrooms across the county, speaking on Career Days and for the last several years has co-hosted the Man-Cave TV show on SBCtv.

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Bethany Joy Collier

Bethany got an early start at being a seamstress, making clothes for her dolls and stuffed animals as a young girl. To this day, her design is anchored in a strong sense of functionality. Her clothing is simple, durable, and easy to wear. Her brand marries this minimalist approach with a keen aesthetic eye, producing comfortable, wearable clothes in unique prints, colors, cuts, and styles.

Wildflower Mornings got it's start from Bethany's desire to design clothes for her own children. When Bethany and her husband decided to pursue adoption, sewing became a way to raise the necessary support. Through the shop, Bethany was able to build a network of collaborators, cultivate new friendships, and interact with the adoption stories of other makers.

Bethany lives in Atlanta with her husband and two daughters. She's excited to have a space to dream, design, and share her creations.

Please join us in welcoming our awesome sharks!

Tyler Thigpen