Week 14 in Review: How is science taught at The Forest School?


We hope to see you tomorrow (Sat, Dec 1) at the Children’s Business Fair anytime between 12-4pm.

We are moving the fair indoors due to the forecast of rain. Pinewood Studios is providing us with wonderful space in their gymnasium that is located in their production center across from Pinewood Forest: 461 Sandy Creek Road, Fayetteville, GA. Please let your network of shoppers / supporters know that the fair will be open and will be indoors!

Thank you again to Fayetteville Mayor Ed Johnson for visiting our Studios this week to discuss issues facing Fayetteville, GA, and how our young heroes might tackle them.

Middle School Update:

How is science taught at The Forest School?

Heroes are wrapping up week 1 of our Biology Quest, which is set up as an "intensive" deep dive into biology basics. This week, our focus has been on cells. But how do we do this without a "teacher?"

Why not make it a game?

Guides are Game-makers. What if, instead of reading a textbook or listening to a lecture, learners were motivated to do their own learning? This week, our focus has been cells. To make it a game, Heroes were divided into teams. Each team was given a "secret" cell they had to identify. As they completed challenges throughout the week, they received clues as to their cell's identity. At the end of the week, the groups would stand before their peers and give a presentation on what they believe their cell to be, the process it uses to divide, and the function of its organelles. If they correctly guess the right cell and process, they earn two bucks to use in the Studio store. If they don't guess correctly, they've still learned about cell basics and given a presentation to their peers. What's more, they guided their own learning throughout the process.

Elementary Update:

There is an unspoken theory amongst nearly all educators: no matter the school or grade, the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most restless of the entire year. Tummies are full from the week of prior feasting and thoughts are on the long, exciting break ahead. The elementary Guides were curious if the phenomenon would hold true at The Forest School.

A mysterious thing occurred on Monday of this week. The heroes rushed in the Studio, enthusiastically greeting each other after a week away. Laughter filled the room and stories of travel and food were shared. Yet, at 8:25am, the heroes huddled in a circle on the launch rug, quiet and focused. The learners eagerly were awaiting the Guides, anticipating the day ahead. And just like that, the Studio fell back into its rhythm, as if only a normal weekend was all that had separated us.

Sure, there are more noticeable differences at The Forest School that we celebrate. However, greater power is often in the subtleties, and this week our enthusiasm is for the focus and fervor of young heroes who are excited to return to school between Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Our heroes continue to set themselves apart, in more ways than we could have predicted.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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