Visit The Forest School this Thursday Nov 15!


What if learners ages 6 through 15 were the best consultants? 

For the last month, Forest School learners worked on their first consulting project for a real-world client—Pinewood Forest—to help them reimagine and redesign their upcoming Spring Family Market

This coming Thursday, November 15, from 4:45-6:15pm at 1065 Hood Road Fayetteville, GA, learner groups will present their final recommendations to the leadership of Pinewood Forest. 

The event is completely learner-led and open to the public. Visitors can drop-in anytime, and there will be opportunities both to see learner presentations and to speak with the co-founders, Tyler and Joy.

Visitors will leave the event with experiential knowledge of what The Forest School is and what culture is being created.

We hope to see you there!

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Tyler Thigpen