Quick Progress Update about The Forest School


We hope you're enjoying the weekend!

A bit of great news about the school—We've recently solidified a few key partnerships that will help us in our founding years. Our collaborators include Pinewood Atlanta StudiosMENTOR GeorgiaTranscend, and more. You can read about all of our partnerships at the bottom of our home page.

Also, we're blown away by the talent who are interested in working with us. As part of our national search for our founding Guides (our term for "teacher"), in just two weeks we've already interviewed over 23 promising candidates for our two Guide roles. And we continue to schedule more interviews as promising candidates apply. 

We've also begun interviewing families and future learners at The Forest School, and we're inspired by families' hunger for helping their children to find their calling and change the world. 

Overall, Joy and I are growing in our conviction that The Forest School truly will be a unique and innovative learning environment in Georgia.

We invite you to consider beginning your family's journey today! 

Enjoy your day,

Joy and Tyler

Tyler Thigpen