Badge Plan

The Forest School  |  2018-2019 school year


At The Forest School, "Badge Plans" represent the set of skills and knowledge each learner will master over the course of one year (or, in rare cases, over a shorter period of time).

Parents, please discuss with your children and complete your Badge Plan(s) by Monday, September 20, 2018.

Badge Plans are like *true north* in that each learner will—with the guidance of their Guide—work backwards from their yearly Badge Plan to set goals for each session, weekly, and day at school. Badge Plans also will form the backbone of the "Journey Tracker," which is the virtual platform learners can use to set goals and parents can use to track those goals. 

Because getting the Badge Plan right is so critically important, all Badge Plans must be submitted at the beginning of each school year and approved by the Forest School's co-founders, Tyler and Joy.

The Elementary School Badge Plan system can be viewed here

The Middle School Badge Plan system can be viewed here

Parents of Heroes in Levels 1-3, you only need to read the plan and discuss with your child(ren). Because the Badge Plans for Levels 1-3 are "set," there are no decisions for you to make. If you still have questions after reading and discussing the Plan, please set up a call with Tyler.

Parents and Heroes (Levels 4 and above only) should take the following steps to have their Badge Plans approved:

  1. Read the appropriate Badge Plan system, linked above
  2. Discuss the Badge Plan in depth with your child(ren), including these questions: 
    1. At what "level" are you?
    2. What are the badges you need to complete at your level? What does each one entail? What's your current best plan to complete these?
    3. Given that you're a servant leader in the Studio, how will you help others with their work? Where will you draw the line between helping vs doing the work for others?
    4. Do you have any optional badges to complete? If so, which of the optional badges do you want to complete and why?
    5. Will you explore a world language? If so, how can you demonstrate you're ready to take on this additional work?
    6. How are you incorporating badges in your daily SMART goals?
  3. Submit your Badge Plan using the form below
  4. Receive approval for your Badge Plan—via email—from Joy and Tyler

Note: If you struggle to understand the Badge Plan, or have specific questions, you can sign up here to schedule a call with Joy or Tyler.

Please submit one form per child at The Forest School:

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Learner Name
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Below please describe your Badge Plan in detail, including the badges for which your child will pursue mastery, as well as a general description of your child's plan to master these badges. Try and be as comprehensive as you can when describing your understanding of the Badge Plan, but please don't worry about describing your plan perfectly. Joy and Tyler will read your latest and best thinking, and they will reach out to you if there are any glaring mistakes or omissions. This is a collaborative effort!
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